Osmington White Horse

Thursday 8 September 2016. This is the walk that I’d planned to do yesterday but abandoned because of fog. No such problems today and it was sunny but with a fresh sea breeze. I parked at the end of a long single track road on South Down. This was a very popular spot and by the time that I got back there were a large number of cars. I suspect that the occupants were there for the views rather than a walk.

My route took me down through Upton farm before climbing the ridge that would lead to the top of the Osmington White Horse. I wanted to bag the nearby trig point (520ft) but discovered that it was the wrong side of a barbed wire fence which meant that I had to walk past the TP to a gate at the end of the field before I could walk back to the TP.

I had my lunch at the top of the White Horse looking out across Weymouth Bay to the Isle of Portland. On my last visit to the area I did a walk around the “island” visiting Portland Bill from where Carol Kirkwood did her weather report in the fog yesterday. As with most of these landscape sculptures the White Horse was difficult to descern from close up and is best viewed from some distance, in this case the village of Osmington. My route took me past Craig’s Farm’s shop/cafe and as it was open it seemed rude not to drop in for a pot of tea and a pasty. I ordered Steak and Ale but what I got was spicey and was clearly the chilli variety. I didn’t complain as it made a change from the bog standard pasty and was way better than that served to me at the Square and Compass on Tuesday.

Having completed the inland section of my route, I now followed the SWCP from Osmington Mills to just beyond Ringstead. This was lovely and the sea was an incredible shade of blue/turquoise: much more attractive than the grey seas around the Norfolk coast. The sting in the tail of this walk was a climb of over 400ft in the last half mile back to the car on South Down. The walk was 9.6 miles with a total ascent of 1,360ft.




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