Rutland’s highest point

Sunday 28 August 2016. There was just 5 of us on this walk (Moira, Bea, Derek, me and Ming from the Peterborough group). It was a shame that there was so few of us as this was a lovely 9 mile walk with just over 800ft of ascent.

We set off from Braunston in Rutland with some road walking made only longer by me taking a wrong turn. However, we were soon in open countryside passing what we took to be a polo field. It had black and white hooped goal posts at either end with a manicured field in-between. The undulating walk took us into the village of Knossington where I’d planned to stop for coffee at the church. There was a Service underway which we didn’t want to disturb so we had a quick drink and swiftly moved on. The planned lunch break at the Gates garden centre at Cold Overton wasn’t very far away and we arrived just before 12:30. Being the generous person that I am, I allowed a whole 30 minutes for lunch with time to explore the goods on offer. This place has expanded hugely since I was last here and now boasts a large restaurant serving everything from light snacks to a full sunday lunch. The gents urinals were a little unusual being petals/flower heads. I’m told that a similar theme is used for the hand basins in the ladies’ loo.

Until now the walk had been trouble-free but we then hit a series of fields with cereal crops that had still to be harvested and a broken footbridge/stile. The paths across the fields hadn’t been reinstated so we followed tractor tracks where we could as we zig-zagged in the general direction of the non-existent paths. I’ll be reporting this to the local authority for action.

Another short section of uphill road walking brought us to Glebe Farm and the trig point that marked the highest point in Rutland at Cold Overton Park 197m/646ft asl. From here it was more or less downhill all the way back to the cars and a refreshing drink in the local pub.

Braunston in Rutland – walk route



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