Cross Fell

Thursday 18 August 2016. The weather forecast for tomorrow and the weekend doesn’t look too promising so today’s walk may have been the last for this holiday. I’ve wanted to walk up Cross Fell for some time; mainly because at 2,930ft it is the highest hill in England outside of the Lake District.

I drove 40 miles to start the walk from the hamlet of Kirkland. There was some cloud cover on the hill tops but this steadily cleared as the day went on. I stopped after 90 minutes for a rest by which time I’d climbed 1,200ft but only covered 2.25 miles. I joined the Pennine Way at Curricks by which time I only had a 400ft climb to the top. Although this was a longish walk at 9.25 miles with a total ascent of 2,400ft there was never any really steep climbs or descents. It was more of an extended slog especially when the path crossed waterlogged sections of fell.

I’d been overlapping with two women and what I took to be their sons as we made our way to the top and the boys added some interest to my trig point picture. As I had lunch in the shelter at the top I chatted with a couple who had come up a little earlier from Kirkland. As they made off they were replaced by a couple who were walking the Pennine Way but unusually from North to South. They were the only people who I saw in nearly 6 hours of walking.

The path down followed the Pennine Way south for a little while before intersecting with my path for Wildboar Scar. This latter path was so faint that I overshot it by 50 yards or so and my GPS came into its own again. More bogs were crossed before the path improved the closer that I got back to Kirkland. It was a largely featureless walk and having done it once, I doubt that I’d do it again.

Cross Fell – walk route



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