Nine Standards Rigg

Wednesday 17 August 2016. I turned the clock back 48 hours today with a visit to the optician in Kirkby Stephen but this time it was to update them on the outcome of my hospital visits and to let them know that the eye problem wasn’t as serious as they had thought. Having had a scare with my eyes, I really should take more care of them and I’ve decided to buy a new pair of sunglasses and to wear them more often. The Kirkby Stephen optician had a display of Bolle sunglasses which can be made up with prescription lenses. Unfortunately they didn’t stock the model that I wanted nor did they have an optometrist available to test my eyes and provide an up-to-date prescription. There are stockists in and around Cambridge so I’ll have to follow this up when I get home.

Finally I was able to get back to walking and today was rather special as I wanted to visit Nine Standards Rigg. I was last here just over 5 years ago when doing my Coast to Coast walk but then the hills were shrouded in fog and I didn’t really see the cairns at their best. The weather today was almost perfect although there was still a cool breeze on the top. The first couple of miles of the walk are on a tarmac road so it came as something of a relief when I struck out up the side of Faraday Gill aiming for the top. It was only 4.3 miles to the top but there was a steady climb and it took me a couple of hours to get there.

Having taken numerous photographs, (I forgot to include my duck) I decided that I would find an alternative way back in order to avoid the road walking. My route took me across open fellside before picking up the Green alternative C2C route. There are 3 routes which are supposed to reduce damage to surface vegetation and limit erosion. I then made for Ladthwaite and followed the course of the beck before walking alongside the River Eden back into Kirkby Stephen. The walk was just under 10 miles with a total ascent of 1,900ft.

Nine Standards Rigg – walk route

IMG_3570STA_3574_stitch (3008 x 1429)IMG_3572IMG_3573IMG_3576IMG_3577IMG_3578IMG_3579IMG_3580


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