Good News

Tuesday 16 August 2016. I’ve been back to the Sunderland Eye Infirmary today for an OCT scan which has confirmed that I don’t have a torn retina in my left eye, I won’t need an operation nor am I at risk of losing my sight. The Consultant has confirmed that the problem is retinoschisis, a condition where the jelly in the eye shrinks away from the retina causing some minor damage with consequential debris (floaters). This is an age related degenerative problem which I can live with and don’t need any treatment.

At least I was in and out of hospital within an hour and although I’ve lost out on 2 days walking in the summer weather, it is a small price to pay to know that I’m not at risk of losing the sight in my left eye.

Back to Monday’s plan tomorrow with a call into the optician in Kirkby Stephen to update them on my condition before climbing Nine Standards Rigg.


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