Eye Problems

Tuesday 16 August 2016. I’d been waiting for the best part of a week for the summer weather to arrive and it finally came yesterday with clear skies and no wind; ideal walking conditions. However there’s always a fly in the ointment and this was my left eye. On Sunday I started to see floaters through my left eye and having researched this I thought that I’d better get it checked out.

I drove to Kirkby Stephen with the idea of walking up Nine Standards Rigg but called into the opticians to see if they could run a few checks on my left eye. The idea of walking was soon abandoned as the optometrist suspected that a detached retina was the cause of the floaters and sent me immediately to the A&E at Sunderland Eye Infirmary for further checks. As with all A&E’s there was a wait, in this case over 3 hours before I saw a doctor. I then saw another doctor and eventually the surgical consultant. By now I’d been there for nearly 5 hours and some of the support staff had gone home. The consultant wanted to take some photographs of my eye to determine if I really had a detached retina or if it was something less serious. So, I have to make to 100 mile round trip to Sunderland again today for further examination.

It could go one of two ways. It might not be so serious and could just be a condition that I can live with. The worst case scenario is that it is a detached retina which should really be operated upon without delay. However, this would mean that I couldn’t drive for 3 weeks or so after an operation and logistically this is impossible given how far away I am from Sunderland and a lack of public transport.

Fortunately I have some insurance cover through Green Flag which, in the event of illness, will provide a chauffeur to drive me, my car and caravan home. If it is a detached retina then I would need to call upon this service as potentially I could lose the sight in my left eye without any warning and driving and towing a caravan isn’t advisable.

I’m having further tests at 4.30pm when the consultant has finished surgery for the day and I should then have a more definitive diagnosis. I’m hoping for the best outcome and will post an update later today or early tomorrow.


One thought on “Eye Problems

  1. Jacqui Knowles (ACL)

    Hi Brian

    Sorry to hear about your eye problem. Hope things go well this afternoon. Keep me informed.



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