On the “Booze”

Friday 12 August 2016. I’ll come back to the title of this post in a little while. Yesterday morning was both showery and blustery so I didn’t think that I’d get out for a walk. By noon it had brightened up but was still very breezy so I set off for a 6 mile walk directly from my caravan. I followed the Teesdale Way and the Tees Railway Path but it was a largely uninspiring walk along field edges so no photographs.

Today I made a short drive of 12 miles south across the county border from Durham and into God’s own county of Yorkshire for what was planned to be an 8 mile walk starting from Langthwaite. If anything the wind was even stronger than yesterday with a clag of low mist shrouding the nearby hills. My route took me steeply uphill to the hamlet of Booze which has an interesting mining history. This was an extremely isolated walk and I only saw two other people away in the distance on Framlington Edge. I was soon out on the vast expanse of Booze Moor and stopped for coffee sat on the doorstep of a rather grand and what appeared to be newly built shooting lodge. This provided some much-needed shelter from the wind.

There was always a threat of rain and this, combined with the wind, made my mind up to cut the walk short and to head downhill where conditions were much better in the valley bottom. The walk was only 4 miles but still had a total ascent of 1,000ft.

Langthwaite was only 6 miles from the Tan Hill Inn, Britain’s highest pub at 1,732ft so, as I’d never been before, I thought that I’d have a drive there for lunch. I have to say that I was disappointed. The barman was anything but friendly and needs a course in customer service. I arrived at noon expecting the be able to get some food but it wasn’t served until 1pm. This might have had something to do with the “Glorious 12th” shooting parties that I’d seen as I drove across the moor. I had a cup of tea and left, perhaps never to return.

Caravan Site – walk route

Langthwaite – walk route




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