Teesdale Wander

Tuesday 9 August 2016. The Camping and Caravanning Club’s site at Barnard Castle is the 86th site that I’ve stayed on since starting my post-retirement travels and I have to say that it is one of the nicest of them all. Despite being in the middle of the school holidays, it isn’t overrun with noisy children and is a haven of peace and tranquility. The 500 yard single track approach road with blind bends is a little daunting but departures have to be before noon and arrivals not before 1pm so there shouldn’t be any clashes. I’ve always thought of C&CC site as being the poor relation to Caravan Club sites but this one has changed my mind.

The weather forecast for today and the next couple of days is mixed but today’s forecast rain hasn’t arrived yet so perhaps I needn’t have made my early morning start. I drove just 7 miles to Mickleton to start my walk at 8:45am. For the first couple of miles I followed the Tees Railway Path to Romaldkirk where I then picked up the Teesdale Way. The signposts for this latter route are marked with an emblem of a Dipper; a bird which must be seen quite often in and around the River Tees. My only stop was for coffee on the steps of the church at Eggleston. This marked the halfway point of this 7 mile walk with a total ascent of just over 700ft.

I’d crossed the River Tees on the road bridge just before Eggleston and now needed to get back to the other side and to my car. Footbridges are normally found at a narrow point on the river but the one that I used had an unusually large span and had been built as recently as 2002 with funding from a vast array of agencies, councils and the European Development Fund.

It was a nice enough walk but I have much better to look forward to on this holiday and want to save them for days when the weather is good and I can gain the maximum enjoyment.

Mickleton – walk route



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