Shouldham Warren

Sunday 7 August 2016. Sue’s walk at Tittleshall was impassable due to vegetation growth so, as a substitute, she organised today’s 7.25 mile walk. As we are in the middle of the holiday season and it was 27c, it was no surprise that there were just 6 of us. We set off on the usual route heading for the River Nar. The path was a little overgrown but wasn’t too much of a problem. When we got to the river we met a guy walking his dog which seemed to spend most of its time jumping in and out of the water. How we wished that we could have joined it.

A short walk alongside the river took us past the lakes formed by gravel workings and into the welcome shade of West Bilney Wood where we stopped for lunch. I’d made some Porridge Bread which, as I’m no cook, had turned out reasonably well for a first attempt. The recipe is here but ignore the cooking instructions and cook at 180c for about 40 minutes.

After lunch we made our way out of the woods in the general direction of Pentney Abbey and the River Nar before retracing our route back to Shouldham Warren.




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