Resting Heart Rate

Monday 1 August 2016. My Fitbit Charge HR not only measures how many steps I take in a day but it also records both my current and resting heart rate. Both of the latter measurements are rather dependant upon the amount and degree of difficulty of exercise that I undertake. I don’t get obsessed about either of these but did notice that my heart rate hit 148bpm whilst climbing a mountain in the Dolomites the other week. This is almost the maximum recommended heart rate (155bpm) for someone of my advanced years and it wouldn’t be good to hit this too often or for too long. I normally plod along on the treadmill in the gym at about 125bpm which falls nicely into the recommended 80% level.

The resting heart rate is, of course, directly linked to the maximum and I found it interesting that this was consistently in the eighties during my time in the Dolomites. It has steadily fallen since I got back and is down to 68. It still has some way to go to that from early June this year when it was at or about 60bpm. A low resting heart rate is supposed to be a measure of fitness and I know that I’m nowhere near as fit as I would like to be. I’ll let you know what the stats are after my next holiday in Barnard Castle.

Heart Rate


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