Secada to Selva

Thursday 21 July 2016. Walking with the easy group today. Some of my least favourite guests and my least favourite leader. We took the ski lift up to the top of Secada mountain (8,000ft) for today’s wander around a large area of high meadow in the shadow of some even higher mountains. As expected the pace was too slow and after the mid-morning coffee stop I advised our leader that I would make my own way along the route but would wait for them at the planned lunch spot at the Firenze Hut. I’d been waiting for them for almost an hour before they arrived at the hut. Apparently they had stopped for lunch along the way. This is the last time that I act responsibly and wait at the appointed place as they don’t seem to care about inconveniencing me.

I made my way back from the lunch stop to Selva on my own and three-quarters of this walk in blissful silence and at a pace that suited me. It was 6.5 miles with a total ascent of just under 500ft but a total descent of over 3,300ft. My thighs were burning by the end.



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