3rd Rest Day Wander

Wednesday 20 July 2016. I was in a better humour today after having dinner last night with an Australian couple who like me are on their second week in Selva. I was joined by 3 other more agreeable guests so it wasn’t quite the ordeal of recent nights.

My cold is still hanging around and I didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to do very much so I took a bus down to St Christina from where I caught the Col Raiser ski lift up to 6,850ft. There is a cafe at the top so I had coffee and bought a sandwich for lunch before I even thought about walking. I’d planned something which was an up and down circuit with a ski lift back down. It was incredibly warm and the up and down circuit was quickly abandoned in favour of a walk with considerably more down than up. It turned out to be only 4.25 miles with a total ascent of 370ft and a total descent of 2,050ft.

I walked less than a mile across to the Firenze hut from where the walk plan changed in favour of a downhill stoll back to Selva. This was in and out of the woods and provided some very welcome shade. I had a couple of stops on the way down and got back to the hotel in time to watch the Tour de France on TV with German commentary.



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