Ciampinoi to Passo Sella

Saturday 16 July 2016. I’ve developed a stinking cold and really didn’t feel like doing too much today; the second free day on this 2 week holiday in Selva. After spending 16 Euro at the chemist, I set off up the Ciampinoi lift to walk the 3 miles to Passo Sella. If I felt well enough then I could reverse the route as come back they way that I had come. After only a short walk with 575ft of ascent and 765ft of descent, I couldn’t face doing it again and caught the bus back to Selva.

I stopped at the Refugio Comici along the way and at Sellajoch Haus at the end of the walk. Both of these had interesting toilets.

The main reason for doing the walk was so that I could take the Coffin lift 2,130ft up to The Tony Demetz hut and back down again. It was a spectacular ride.



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