Rest Day wander

Wednesday 19 July 2016. Today is a rest day both for HF Leaders and the guests when we can all do what we chose. The weather forecast wasn’t great and it was raining by noon. I had hoped to go for a walk from the top of the Champinoi lift to the coffin lift at Paso Sella and then to reverse this route and come back the way that I went. It is just over an hour each way between the two lifts and, given the poor weather forecast, it didn’t make sense to try this walk on my own today.

Instead, I took a ride up and down the Champinoi lift (12 euro each way but free with my pass) to check out the start of the walk for my next free day on Saturday, to take in the views and to have a coffee at the top. I rode up through the cloud and came out on top of a mini-inversion in bright sunshine. The top of the lift is at 2,254m or about 7,330ft and gives great views of nearby Sassalunga (3,181m or 10,340ft) and back down the valley to Selva.

After coming back down the lift I had a browse around some of the outdoor clothing shops. The prices seem a bit on the high with short-sleeved walking shirts being priced at about 60 euro.



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