Ortisei and Monte Pic

Monday 11 July 2016. I decided to stick with the “Harder” walking group today as we caught a packed bus down to Ortesei where the Seceda ski lift took us high up into the mountains. We got off at the half-way station to start our ascent of Monte Pic (7,783ft). The path was narrow and steep and at one point crossed a scree slop which would have had Karen turning back. The climb was relentless up through the woods until we broke out onto an alpine meadow. By now we must have climbed at least 1,500ft and we then had a further climb of about 700ft to the summit of Monte Pic where we stopped for lunch.

Having done all of this climbing, we then descended down the other side of Monte  Pic and across more meadows before stopping for well-earned refreshments at the Troier Hut. I treated myself to a large cool beer which was very welcome in view of the heat and humidity. Some consideration was briefly given to walking back to Selva which would have been another 3 miles or so but with around 2,700ft of descent. I’d decided long before this that I would be catching the Col Raiser ski lift back down the mountain and the group decided to join me. This quickly took us 1,800ft down to St Christina from where we walked back to Selva.

I have to say that this must have been just about the hardest walk that I’ve ever done. My GPS recorded the total ascent as 4,000ft but I might have the degree of sensitivity set too finely, producing an elevated figure.The total length was 9.75 miles. It was a gloriously sunny day and despite applying sunscreen, I now have bright red sore legs. The weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t great and I’ve decided to drop down a grade and to do the easier walk.



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