Selva and St Christina

Sunday 10 July 2016. For my first walk in the Dolomites I joined the 16 strong group to tackle the “harder” walk which was advertised as 9 miles with 2,070ft of ascent. I tracked the walk on my Smartphone and my Tablet using the same Viewranger app and whist I was expecting some variance in the results from the two devices, I was surprised that the distance was 9 miles on the phone and 9.8 miles on the tablet. The total ascent on one was 3,264ft whilst the other had it at 2,683ft. Despite the difference, it was still at least 600ft more than advertised. They both had the same maximum height at 6,400ft.

We set off just before 9am to climb over 1,300ft to the Juac hut where we stopped for a short while. The pace had been steady as we made our way up through a mixture of mountain meadows and pine forests. From here we headed for Gamsblut hut where we stopped again but this time for a much-needed and refreshing apple juice. Like the cafes at home, the hut don’t allow you to eat your own food so the lunch stop was a little further on as we descended towards St Christina.

The last leg of the walk was along a disused railway track back to Selva. It was a good introductory walk although it was a little too warm for me being somewhere well above 20c.



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