(not) The Dodds

Sunday 3 July 2016. Yesterday was very showery and when the rains came they arrived in buckets so walking was off the agenda. Today looked like being a little better so I set off in the hope of ticking off 3 more Wainwrights on “The Dodds”. I’d only been walking for 5 minutes when heavy showers developed. I walked on a little further but they showed no sign of ending. In truth, I wasn’t feeling truly motivated so I called it a day and returned to the car having only walked one mile.

I was following a DofE group who splashed through a stream not realising that there was a footbridge only 20 yards away. They were walking over The Dodds and Helvellyn to camp overnight at Grisedale Tarn. They showed more fortitude than me.

Timing can be key to a successful walk and I may have set off too early as it is now late morning and it is dry but overcast at my caravan site in Keswick. I suppose that it is typical of a “British Summer” but despite the rains, I still managed 9 walks totalling almost 70 miles during my 2 week stay in Keswick. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if the weather in the Dolomites isn’t much better during my next holiday.


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