Grasmere Wander

Friday 1 July 2016. I met Jacqui today at her B&B in Grasmere with the idea of walking up to Heron Pike and then to descend the western side of the Fairfield Horseshoe to Rydal. There were heavy showers to start with but these soon passed over and it developed into a reasonable weather day. Neither of us had done this ascent before so it was something of a discovery walk. We happily plodded uphill alongside Greenside Gill until coming to a point where I/we realised the we’d missed a turning. It wasn’t obvious to start with but after backtracking we could see an ascending path on the other side of the Gill. It was too wide and running too fast to safely cross so the planned walk was abandoned and we reverted to Plan B.

I had thought about using the coffin route between Rydal and Grasmere on the way back from our original walk but this now became the path that we followed for the next section of the walk. It was along here that we saw a couple of notices advising that the bridge across Greenside Gill had been washed away by Storm Desmond. It was a pity that there wasn’t a sign on the path alongside the gill. We stopped for coffee about half way along the coffin route with views across Rydal Water.

We descended from Rydal Mount to cross the A591 and pick up the path between Loughrigg and the twin lakes of Rydal Water and Grasmere. We stopped off at the Loughrigg Cave where there were large parties of school children enjoying end of term excersions. I knew that the walk had measured as 8.2 miles but, having downloaded the data from my GPS, I was surprised at the total ascent of just over 2,000ft.

Grasmere Wander – walk route



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