Silver How

Thursday 30 June 2016. Today was my 65th birthday and I guess that I’m now officially an Old Age Pensioner or perhaps in more politically correct language an Older Person. Whatever the terminology, I’m pleased to report that I don’t feel my age although in common with much of the population I could do with loosing some weight and this must be a short term target.

To celebrate my birthday I did a walk from Grasmere to Silver How accompanied by good friends Jacqui, Amanda, Josephine and Karen. It was 7.8 miles with a total ascent of just under 1,800ft much of which was achieved in the first mile as we made our way across Wray Gill and up to the summit of Silver How at 1,295ft. We stopped for coffee here enjoying the views over Grasmere.

Our route then took a meandering line following what was at times an impercievable path towards Spedding Crag and Dow Bank. We walked through the grounds of High Close youth hostel on our way to Loughrigg Terrace where we then descended to the shore of Grasmere and back to the village for tea.

p.s. I forgot to say that I rounded off the day with a very enjoyable dinner with Jacqui in the Grasmere Hotel.

p.p.s. I forgot to thank my Ramber friends for the birthday cake and Jacqui for the cup cake and candle which we couldn’t light whilst out on the hill. We lit it in the post-walk cafe and I made my wish.


Silver How – walk route



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