Derwent Water

Tuesday 28 June 2016. The weather forecast for today wasn’t great with rain forecast by noon. With this in mind I drove around to Portinscale to meet with Josephine and Karen for a short walk along the shore of Derwent Water. We walked past the HF house at Derwentbank to the foot of Cat Bells before stopping for coffee at the Hawse End jetty. Our plan was to catch the ferry across to Keswick so we had to stop our walk after just 3 miles at the Brandlehow landing stage. We only had to wait 10 minutes for the boat to come along on its clockwise circuit of the lake. Most of the passengers got off the boat before we boarded and the ticket collector must have been distracted as he didn’t come and ask us for our fares so we got a free ride.

It was 12:15 when we arrived outside the Moot Hall and we agreed to meet an hour later to share a taxi ride back to Portinscale. This would give us some time to do our own thing around town and I opted for a fish and chip lunch. It had started to rain by the time that we gathered again at 13:15, just before the rains intensified.

Derwent Water – walk route



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