Wednesday 22 June 2016. Both John and I found yesterday’s walk to be very exhausting and he wisely decided to take today off. I was unsure and waited until this morning before making my decision on what to do. I had contemplated a walk up Skiddaw but opted instead for a much easier wander around Borrowdale. Using my OAP pass and saving £7 on car parking, I took the bus down Borrowdale to start my walk in Seatoller.

I made an inauspicious start to the walk with a navigational error, foolishly assuming that I knew where I was going. I soon realised that I was on the wrong track and headed higher up to meet the track coming down from Honister. This was a popular route and I saw many other walkers along the way. My target was Castle Crag which at only 951ft is one of the smaller Wainwrights. Nevertheless, the was a climb to be done up the the heaps of waste slate to the top of the Crag. There were good views from the top looking across Derwentwater and back to Keswick.

I then walked down to the banks of the River Derwent for a woodland walk towards Rosthwaite. I’d planned to stop in the Flock In café and skip the last 1¼ miles back to Seatoller. This plan went out of the window when I found that the café was closed for redecorating. What kind of business closes at the height of summer? Just beyond belief. It was 2:15 and my bus back left Seatoller at 2:50. It would be touch and go if I made it in time and if I didn’t then I’d have an hours wait hanging around in a car park for the next bus. I took a safer option and went to the nearby Royal Oak Hotel where I was served with a pot of loose leaf tea for just £2.

The buses up and down Borrowdale were delayed today as road sweepers were picking up the chippings from the resurfacing of yesterday that had meant that the road was closed for a couple of days. My bus was more than 15 minutes late and had I known then I could have walked to meet it in Seatoller. I wasn’t overly concerned as the 5 miles that I’d walked with a total ascent of just under 1,500ft was more than enough for me today.

Seatoller – walk route



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