Sunday 19 June 2016. Nine of us turned out today for a 7.9 mile walk from Hillington with just over 400ft of ascent. I’ve done this walk a few times before so it made a change to go the opposite way around and get the section alongside the A148 out of the way. We stopped on the outside of the woods at Congham Heath for coffee before embarking on a magical mystery tour along a network of permissive paths to emerge at the outskirts of Grimston.

A walk through the northern edge of the village took us around the back of Congham Hall and into the village of Congham. For our lunch stop we sat in the grass beside a bridleway where we were passed by a couple of horse riders whose mounts were inexperienced and had never encountered a bunch of Ramblers sat on the ground. After some persuading they trotted by and down the track.

Just before we got back to the cars we passed the entrance to Congham Lodge which was believed to be owned by the local MP Henry Bellingham. I note that it is also a B&B. Times must be hard for MPs if they have to run a B&B on the side.

Hillington – walk route



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