Sunday 12 June 2016. Eight of us turned out today for a 7.8 mile walk from Alwalton to Wansford Station and back. The weekend weather hadn’t ’been great and more rain was forecast but not until 4pm. The Met Office was almost correct but we did have a few spots along the way but not enough to put coats on for.

I’d recce’d the walk a couple of weeks ago but was surprised by how much the grass had grown since then with much of the way being covered in knee-high foliage. We stopped for coffee at the end of Splash Lane near Castor and for lunch sat on benches between the river and Wansford railway station where we could watch the trains coming and going across the bridge.

On the way back I was asked by a couple sitting on the river bank if I knew what the rather elegant bird was that was flying nearby? I replied that it was a Tern but that I couldn’t be sure of which one of the 4 species it was. Subsequent research has confirmed that it was a Common Tern as the other 3 varieties (Arctic, Roseate and Little) are only found on the coast. The Common Tern can best be identified by its red bill.

Alwalton – walk route



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