Sunday 22 May 2016. My last walk on this Northumberland holiday was an 8.1-mile route with 940ft of ascent starting from the picturesque village of Ford. The first part of the walk was across farmland and it came as no surprise that I soon encountered a field of oilseed rape where the footpath hadn’t been reinstated nor had the path in the next field which had been sown with wheat. I was able to walk around both of these fields but will be reporting these obstructions in the hope that they can be cleared for the benefit of other walkers.

The second half of the route was better as it skirted around a peat bog nature reserve “Ford Moss”. I should have taken the path around the northern edge but somehow found myself on a more southerly route. I think that my main concern was not sinking into the bog. My route back was further obstructed by another 2 fields of oilseed rape, only one of which had a clear path.

Having finished the walk, I made the short drive to Hay Farm to have a look at their “heavy horses”.

Ford – walk route



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