Holkham Hall

The walk today saw 12 members plus the leader start off from the car park just outside of the hall. We headed towards the hall for a toilet stop and by doing this did not visit the column or get close to the deer.

As we headed around the lake we did see some ducks and ducklings about to take to the water. There were several ducklings in the water and from here we headed out of the park looking at how the horse chestnut trees were all trimmed to a set height..

As we walked along the path we also saw some red flowers that looked like clover these were crimson clover ( looked it up at home). After a lengthy road walk we took a coffee stop and then we headed for the coastal path. As we approach the coastal path we noticed that there was a large herd of cows running about but could not work out why. On the other side of the path geese were feeding.

Once on the coastal path we saw several bird watchers looking inland. It was while we were walking along the path we heard the boom of the bittern but could not see it.

The group split into two some to walk on the beach the rest to walk along the dunes meeting up on the beach for our lunch stop. The weather warming up as the day went on. There was a large group walking along the sea shore and this was followed by horses paddling.

After lunch we headed along the beach and then headed up to the woods and walked along the lane towards the route back to the hall. As we walked up the long drive the horses were being put back into their horse boxes after a drink and some food.

We all returned back to the cars some then visiting the tea room. After a short rest Linda led two of us to read the inscription on the column and it was here that I took a picture of the deer. A good walk in the warming sun enjoyed by everyone.


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