Cheviot Hills

Wednesday 11 May 2016. It was another gloriously sunny day but quite windy on the hills tops. To make the most of the good weather, I’m doing the walks that are furthest from Beadnell and today’s walk involved a 45-mile drive through Anwick and Rothbury to arrive at Buckham’s Bridge at the southern end of the Cheviot Hills. This is so remote that the last 10 miles are on a single track winding road which restricted my speed to no more than 20mph. There were only two other cars there at 10am and I caught up with the occupants of one of them a short while later. They were a family of 3 from Bury St Edmunds. It was more than two hours before I saw anyone else and this was a group of 4 walking the Pennine Way, in bits and pieces.

My walk took me alongside Buckham’s Walls Burn before turning north to follow Rennie’s Burn for a short while. From here it was across open moorland before stopping at the Mountain Refuge Hut for lunch. This was little more than a large garden shed with room for a couple to sleep or a larger party sitting on the two benches. It was pretty grim inside but would be most welcoming in bad weather. I chose to have lunch outside watching a herd of wild mountain goats.

I was now on the Pennine Way which I followed south to Black Halls before turning east to climb Deel’s Hill which, at just over 1,600ft, was the highest point on my walk. From here it was downhill all the way back to the car. The walk was 8 miles with just over 1,000ft of ascent although it felt like more.

Cheviot Hills – walk route





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