Beadnell Bay

Monday 9 May 2016. I’m now 265 miles from home on the Camping and Caravanning Club’s site at Beadnell Bay. Rather than driving all of the way in one go, I stopped off after 145 miles at the C&CC club site at Boroughbridge. This gave me an opportunity to call in to see my twin brother in Harrogate and to deliver a cake to celebrate his 65th birthday on 30 June. I won’t be able to see him on the day as I’ll be on holiday, again, in Keswick.

Other than roadworks and a few speed limits on the A1 the second leg of my journey to Beadnell Bay was uneventful and I was set up by early afternoon. It was such a lovely day that it was a shame not to take advantage of the weather so I decided to walk across the sands to Seahouses and back. I wasn’t in a hurry and took a meandering route to familiarize myself with the area. I wanted to quiz the companies that provide trips out to Inner Farne as to which wind direction gave the smoothest crossing. I’m not a good sailor and the boats coming in today seemed to be bobbing about a lot in the swell outside of Seahouses harbour. It seems that an easterly on-shore wind generates a swell whereas a westerly off-shore wind is relatively calm although there can be some spray. I think I prefer the latter and will wait, perhaps until next week, for the wind to change before catching the boat to Inner Farne.

Whilst in Seahouses, I took the opportunity of having fish & chips for tea. They were great and, being on the coast, one might think that the fish would have been caught locally, but no, it was, like most fish consumed in these parts, caught somewhere off Norway and frozen at sea.

Beadnell Bay

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