Unfinished Business

Thursday 21 April 2016. I started this walk almost 10 months ago, on my birthday, but after half a mile or so I felt so ill that I had to abandon it. I’d been on holiday in Keswick and had been using the bus to get to some of my walks. I guess that I must have picked up some sort of bug which wiped me out for the rest of the week and put an end to anymore walking for a while.

As Grasmere is only 14 miles from my caravan site, just outside of Windermere, it was a good an opportunity to return to the walk up Silver How and to see what I’d missed last year. I parked outside the village of Grasmere on the temporarily closed A591 in order to save on car parking charges but needn’t have bothered as the cost of parking has been reduced to £1.50 all day in an attempt to attract the missing tourists back to the village. I suspect that car parking charges will return to normal (£8?) when the A591 reopens on 13 May.

Having walked half a mile into Grasmere, the walk started in earnest and on leaving the village I had a climb of nearly 1,000ft over the next mile. Needless to say I had a few photo stops along the way and had a first lunch break at the top of Silver How (1,295ft) basking in the sunshine and the satisfaction of having ticked off another Wainwright. There were great views from the top, particularly looking down on Grasmere and Rydal Water. This seemed to be a popular route today although not excessively busy and I had the top to myself for some time.

The next part of the walk was a meandering trek across a series of minor summits from which I could look down on Elterwater. A second lunch stop was had on one of these minor summits where I finished of the last of my coffee and water. It was a really hot day and, still having some way to go, I was concerned about becoming dehydrated. I looked in at the Youth Hostel on Red Bank to see if I could buy some refreshments but to no avail, so I replenished my drinks bladder from the tap in the self-caterer’s kitchen. The last part of the walk took me along part of the Loughrigg Terrace before dropping down to the shore of Grasmere for the walk back to the car. The route was 7¼ miles with a total ascent of just over 1,600ft.

Silver How – walk route



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