A long walk to the shops

Monday 18 April 2016. It was too much to hope for that I would be able to enjoy the same bright morning as yesterday. Today it was windy with frequent showers. I didn’t want to spend the whole of the day indoors so at 11am I set off to do some food shopping in Windermere with a fall back plan of doing an afternoon walk, weather permitting. I’d done my shopping by 11:30 and it was touch and go if the rain would hold off.

I took a chance and set off along quite back lanes and tracks on my way to Ambleside. I decided to travel light without my backpack in the hope of getting some refreshments at Troutbeck after 4 miles of walking. My luck was in and I was able to get a pot of tea and some cake in the village café. This made the last 3 and a bit miles into Ambleside all the more pleasurable. This part of the walk through Skelghyll Wood with views across Windermere is one of my favourites and I’d gladly walk it more often given the chance. The walk which was just under 7¼ miles had a total ascent of 1,200ft and was a very roundabout way of getting to the shops in Ambleside. I have to say that I was disappointed with what was on offer and didn’t add to my extensive collection of outdoors clothing and equipment.

Windermere – walk route



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