Orrest Head

Thursday 14 April 2016. Linda was walking today with an artist acquaintance who lives near Coniston so it was back to solo walking for me today. After yesterday’s marathon it was something of a relief to do a less taxing walk. I parked near Troutbeck church on the Kirkstone Pass road and set off through Limefitt Park. This is now exclusively occupied by static holiday homes but I stayed there many years ago when it accommodated touring caravans/motorhomes. A steady and fairly gentle climb took me up to a high level path from which there were great views across to the Coniston Fells and much of Great Langdale.

Orrest Head is just three quarters of a mile from the town of Windermere and I expected it to be busy when I got there. I was surprised that there were only a handful of people up there including a couple of Japanese sightseers. It had been a slippery last few feet up to the summit and I took care on the way down. Despite my best endeavours, my feet slid from beneath me and I ended up on my backside in the mud. I’d taken a fall on yesterday’s walk muddying the knees on one pair of trousers and the clean pair that I was wearing today were now in need of a wash. I’d planned to do some laundry today and had a little more to do when I got back.

The rest of the route back to the car was uneventful as I passed through many fields full of ewes and their lambs. Walking through Far Orrest farm one little lamb stuck its head through the fence to suck on my finger. I suspect that it had been bottle fed and was used to human contact. The walk was just over 6 miles with a total ascent of 930ft.

Orrest Head – walk route



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