Castle Bytham walk

The walk today saw six members take on a 10 mile walk in warm conditions.

A hilly walk compared to the flat lands of the Fens..

Taking a southerly route out passing school farm we headed for our coffee stop at Pickworth church the place that three of us took refuge from our wet walk on a previous walk. Today the sun shone and no rivers of water in sight.

We then followed part of the Rutland route . and as we crossed one of the fields we could see in the distance a yellow patch that looked like a field but as we approached closer the furrows were where water had run down the sandy soil of the quarry .( see photos).
Our lunch stop today was the second church we stopped at this time in Clipsham . As we approached the church we saw black sheep with lambs in the field and met a friendly polite young girl and her cat while sitting in the church grounds.

We did find some primula flowers that were out and the odd bluebell . In one of the woodland areas we also found some wild garlic and catkins on a tree. The oil seed rape was also in a lot of the fields and this could be an early start for hay fever suffers.


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