Burnsall and Barden Moor

Sunday 10 April 2016. I woke this morning to quite a surprise. It had snowed during the night leaving a light covering on my car an all around. Some fog developed through the early morning but this had cleared by the time that I started my walk from Burnsall at 9.30am. It was now a perfect day with a clear blue sky and the sun glistening on the snow covered hills. Ideal for photography so you can imagine my disappointment when I got back to find that I hadn’t replaced the SD card in my camera and the photos that I’d taken will only remain as a memory in my mind. I suppose that it was poetic justice as I’d found a 4gb SD card whilst out walking on Friday. As they say “some you win, some you lose”.

I’d done this walk before but the 5.8 miles with a total ascent of just under 1,200ft was one of the best. The very few free parking spaces in Burnsall were already taken so I had to pay my £4 like many others who arrived after me, filling the small car park. This walk started with a stiff climb of about 600ft up onto Barden Moor and half way up I had to stop to strip off. My thick shirt and thin pullover combo of the other day proving just too warm again despite the temperature being around freezing. I made my way across the snow dusted moor to a shooting lodge where a group of Duke of Edinburgh youngster were resting. I joined them for my coffee break putting my extra layer and hat back on as a cool breeze had developed.

I gave the DofE group a bit of a head start on the way down to Thorpe but soon overtook them as, having done the walk before, I knew where I was going and they were navigating for themselves. I suspect that they just followed me. From Thorpe it was a beautiful stroll across fields full of springs lambs enjoying the warm sunshine in the valley.

The weather outlook at the start if the week wasn’t very promising and I didn’t expect to get much walking done. However, I’ve walked every day of my stay at Grassington with the exception of Wednesday when I needed to do some shopping in Skipton.

Burnsall – walk route


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