Friday 8 Apr 2016.  I wasn’t going to be put off by the “road closed” sign today and pressed on through to Yockenthwaite for the start of today’s 6¾ mile walk with a total ascent of 1,300ft. My route took me uphill, again, straight from the start of the walk. I felt chilly at the start of yesterday’s walk so I put on some warmer clothing today. A decision that I was soon to regret as, despite a cold night, the morning soon warmed up and, combined with the stiff uphill climb, I was soon overheating. After 30 minutes I just had to stop to remove a layer. I opted to keep the thin pullover and to remove my thicker shirt which is more like a light-weight fleece. This meant that I had to completely strip from the waist up and it was a good job that there was no one around. I needn’t have worried as I didn’t see anyone for the next 3 hours.

More comfortably dressed, I pressed on to the top of Horse Head moor. I was disappointed by a couple of false summits but when I finally made it to the top I was rewarded by some spectacular views and greeted by a skylark singing high above me. It wasn’t until the last few strides that the views opened up. Ahead of me was Plover Hill with Pen-y-ghent just behind. These were just 4 miles away, as the crow flies and Whernside was just under 10 miles away. I sat in the sunshine sheltered by the moor-top wall drinking in the views and a very welcome coffee. Unusually for me, I lingered over this break before walking across the top of the moor to pick up the path leading down to Beckermonds. The path on the way up was relatively good but the downward route was more than a little squelchy in places.

Back on the level at Beckermonds I now followed the Dales Way alongside the River Wharfe back to Yockenthwaite. The walk had been almost perfectly timed as the rain clouds eventually broke when I was within sight of the car. This must have been a localized shower as there hasn’t been any rain at the caravan site.

Yockenthwaite – walk route



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