Sunday 20 March 2016. Only 7 of us turned up for today’s walk from Hunstanton. The decision to cancel the planned walk from Sudborough seemed like a wise one with all of the rain that we had last week probably making already waterlogged ground even worse. Surprisingly, the weather today was far better than expected with bright sunshine and some warmth, when out of the wind. Taking advantage of the tide times, we set off along the beach in the shadow of the unusually coloured cliffs; orange at the bottom and white at the top. A coffee stop was taken sitting on the gabions which form part of the sea defences. Soon after, we stopped again at the half way point for lunch near Holme next the Sea.

The return leg took us on a narrow path squeezed between the River Hun and the golf course. A short walk around the back streets of Old Hunstanton brought us to the cliff tops near the disused lighthouse for a final walk back into town. The route was 5.9 miles with just 300ft of ascent.

Hunstanton – walk route



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