Mount Famine & South Head

Saturday 12 March 2016. Back to solo walking for today so I took myself off to Bowden Bridge, the scene of the Kinder mass trespass, for a walk up Mount Famine and South Head. My route took me along the Pennine Bridleway until I broke away on a permissive path for the climb to the top of Mount Famine. There was a short downhill before climbing once more to South Head. A steep descent brought me back down onto the Pennine Bridleway once again. By now I’d been walking for over an hour and a half and had only seen two mountain bikers. There was a gentler climb as I walked towards Brown Knoll (1,800ft) and the top of Jacob’s Ladder. The higher that I climbed, the deeper that the lying snow became, obscuring the slab paved path at times. It was along here that I was overtaken by a runner doing a recce for the 21 mile Edale Skyline Race that was being run tomorrow.

My solitude was abruptly broken when I reached the top of Jacob’s Ladder where there seemed to be dozens of walkers doing the route out along the edge of Kinder. I met a few more mountain bikers as I descended from Edale Cross down Oaken Clough and back to Bowden Bridge. It was a nice walk with great views and measured 7.2 miles with a total ascent of 1,720ft.

Mount Famine – walk route





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