Lamaload Reservoir

Friday 11 March 2016. I met with Jacqui today for a walk from Lamaload Reservoir. It was incredibly foggy on the drive there but thankfully I climbed out of it on the way up past the Cat & Fiddle and it turned out to be a nice spring day. We set off with hat and gloves on but these were soon shed, along with our coats, as we made the first of many short sharp climbs.

I made a couple of navigational errors but these were soon spotted (by me) and easily corrected. Why is it that I only make these mistakes when walking with Jacqui? Perhaps it’s because I’m easily distracted? Our up and down route eventually saw us join the Gritstone Way for the climb up to White Nancy and lunch. I’d been referring to it as White Betty and it will remain that way in our memory together with the tune Black Betty by Ram Jam. I was getting White Nancy confused with Fat Betty (North Yorks Moors) and came up with the name White Betty. Whatever the name, you can read more about it here.

After lunch we walked along the Saddle of Kerridge to the trig point, where I should have turned off but didn’t and down to Brookhouse. A bit of swift re-routing and we were soon back on course along Berristal Road to Snipe House where we saw the “This, That and The Other Way” signpost. We retraced our steps for a short while towards the end of the walk and back to the cars and on for tea/coffee in a nearby café.

The walk was just over 7 miles with a total ascent of around 1,500ft. It is the first time that I’d walked in this part of Cheshire but the rolling hills certainly added enjoyment to some lovely countryside.

Lamaload Reservoir – walk route




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