Must Farm

Thursday 25 February 2016. By way of a change from walking, Josephine invited me to join the Fenland Archeology group members on a visit to the ongoing dig at Must Farm near Whittlesey. A couple of dozen of us met at the layby near the dig, just off the A605, from where we were escorted onto the site by our guide from the Cambridge Archeological Unit. I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember her name which is a shame as she is a most knowledgeable and enthusiastic young lady. The dig isn’t open to the general members of the public so I felt privileged that Josephine had asked me to come along.

The dig is receiving a great deal of publicity and has been dubbed as “England’s Pompeii” The finds in the two roundhouses are incredible given that they are about 3,000 years old. The ceramics, textiles and metal objects have been preserved by being buried in the Fenland peat. As my knowledge of archelogy is extremely limited I won’t try to expand on the information which can be found on the links to the relevant websites.

It was a cold but enjoyable day and I’ll now follow progress until the dig is completed later this year.



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