Ferry Meadows – car parking charges

Fenland Ramblers members will be aware that for the last 5 or 6 years we have held our AGM at Ferry Meadows near Peterborough. This has been an ideal venue as it has a variety of local walks, public toilets, room hire at affordable cost and, perhaps most important, free car parking. This is about to change on 7 March with the introduction of all day, every day car parking charges. These will start at a minimum of £1.50 for the first hour, rising by 50p for every subsequent half-hour up to a maximum of £5 for stays in excess of 4 hours.
I use Ferry Meadows quite frequently and, being a true Yorkshireman, I don’t really want to pay up to £5 every time that I want to go for a walk. Thankfully, there is a “no cost” option by using the nearby “free” Thorpe Wood Golf Centre car park (PE3 6SE) which is open to all. As you can see from the following map, it is just one mile between the Thorpe Wood and Ferry Meadows car parks and most of this can be incorporated into walks around the park.

Ferry Meadows – alternative free car park

We have yet to make a decision of where to hold the 2016 Group AGM but, given that there are both pay and free car parking options, we are more than likely to stick with using Ferry Meadows. Confirmation will be provided later in the year.


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