Sunday 7 February 2016. This 7.75 mile walk from Castor was advertised as “may be muddy” and we weren’t disappointed. Only 6 of us turned out on a windy and chilly morning to experience the worst that Castor Hanglands could throw at us in the depths of what had been a very wet winter. We walked up past St Kyneburgha’s church and out of the village on muddy bridleways which had been churned up by horses and 4×4’s. The crossing of the A47 dual carriageway proved uneventful and we stopped after about 45 minutes for coffee beside a small woodland plantation.

A walk alongside Brakes Wood and Bushy Wood brought us to the road leading to the northern end of Castor Hanglands. This is where the word “mud” took on a whole new meaning. It was largely unavoidable but thankfully not too deep. We found a dry area on Ailsworth Heath for lunch before tackling the rest of the Hanglands mud.

The rest of the walk was relatively easy as we re-crossed the A47, this time on a fly-over, before making our way back through Ailsworth and Castor back to the cars.








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