Swanton Novers

Sunday 24 January 2016. Norfolk in mid-winter is synonymous with mud and today was no exception. 12 of us, including Janet who was walking with the group for the first time, set out for an 8.4 mile walk around deepest Norfolk. The weather was unseasonabley warm at 12c although the sun didn’t really break through until the latter part of the walk.

Soon after leaving Swanton Novers we encountered the worst of the mud as we skirted around the northern edge of the woodland at Neat’s Close. Our coffee break came at the 2½ mile point in the church at Barney. From here we headed south-west across country for 4 miles in the direction of Clipstone House farm before turning north-east through Croxton; stopping for lunch at Fulmodeston.

The last 2 miles of the walk were my favourite section as we walked over partly waterlogged pasture alongside Brown’s Covert and then through the National Nature Reserve in Little Wood.

Swanton Novers walk route



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