Castle Bytham

Sunday 17 January 2016. This is a dual purpose post. The first is to test some new technology and the second is to publish a report of the recce that Linda and I did today.

I normally produce these posts on my laptop but looking ahead to the summer and my holiday in the Dolomites, I felt that I needed  something more portable on which to write my reports. Both my Smartphone and Tablet could fit the bill but their keyboards are far too small. What I really needed was a small portable keyboard that could be connected by bluetooth to either device. The answer was a Tecknet X366 mini keyboard which I bought from Amazon for just £11.99. I’m using it now to write this report and I have to say that it is a delight to use. Next, I needed some means of getting pictures from my camera & my Smartphone onto my tablet. This required the purchase of a micro USB to regular USB cable, just £1.99 from Ebay. I already had a USB/SD card reader and a 1gb USB memory stick so I now have all of the hardware that I need. Finally, I downloaded a photo-reziser app which enables me to reduce the file size of my pictures to something more manageable for uploading and viewing on the internet.

Turning now to the walk. There hadn’t been any overnight snow in Benwick but I encountered an increasing amount of lying snow, the further west and north that I drove. I met Linda at Wansford to carshare for the 20 mile drive to Castle Bytham where there was a good covering of snow. The first leg of the walk was 3.5 miles to Pickworth where we stopped for coffee inside the church. The second leg was 3 miles to Clipsham. This included a diversion through a quarry but didn’t really add too much distance. We had lunch inside the village church. The final leg was another 3.5 miles back to Castle Bytham.

Linda will be leading this walk on 10 April. It is listed as being 9 miles but, as we have now walked the route, it is actually 10 miles with little opportunity to make it any shorter. So, if you are planning on coming on this walk, be aware that it is one mile longer than advertised.

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