Rutland’s highest point

Friday 1 January 2016. For my first walk of the New Year I thought that I’d visit the highest point in Rutland and kill two birds with one stone by recceing a walk for the summer programme. Linda joined me on what was a cold but dry morning as we made an early start at just after 9am. The minor road that we walked along out of Braunston-in-Rutland was icy and we had to tread carefully to avoid slipping on our backsides. The footpaths were little better but this time it was mud that was the problem following heavy overnight rain. Almost all of the fields were waterlogged and those that had been ploughed were a quagmire. It was so bad in places that we diverted onto nearby roads, where we could. This added a little to the distance of the walk which turned out to 8.8 miles with a total ascent of 770ft.

Our first stop was in Knossington for coffee and later again for lunch at the foot of the radio mast near Cold Overton park. The highest point in Rutland is a trig point at 197 metres or 646 feet. This is located about 150 yards off the footpath and necessitated the climbing of a fence to get at it. Later we found a gate that we could open to get back onto the official footpath. Whilst we visited Rutland’s highest point, the walk took in some slightly higher ground at over 205m as we passed over the county border into Leicestershire for a short while.

The last section of the walk was down a bridleway which seemed attractive to start with but quickly deteriorated to a boggy mess and we had to climb yet another fence to get into an adjoining field. The walk provided great views and, given summer conditions (dry fields), would be an enjoyable outing and perhaps a little shorter as we would be able to stick to the intended route.

Braunston-in-Rutland walk route

2016-01-01 11.57.192016-01-01 12.09.102016-01-01 12.31.11


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