Thursday 31 December 2015. To round off the year, Hilary organized an additional walk around the Sandringham Estate. 10 of us met at the visitor centre for this walk of 7.16 miles on a bright but chilly day – perfect for walking. The Estate has a maze of paths and I never seem to know where I am without referring to my digital mapping/GPS.

We set off through the woods in the general direction of the A149 before crossing it and entering Sandringham Warren. We stopped for coffee looking out across Dersingham Bog and then headed towards the village of Wolferton where the now disused railway station has been converted into a domestic dwelling but still retains all of the railway features, including the crossing gates.

A circuit of the village brought us to back across Sandringham Warren and along the “scenic drive” back to the car. The majority of the group stopped outside to eat their sandwiches whilst Amanda and I went into the restaurant for an enjoyable lunch of burger and big chips – lovely!

Sandringham- walk route

2015-12-31 09.58.452015-12-31 10.12.282015-12-31 10.59.342015-12-31 10.59.422015-12-31 11.03.202015-12-31 11.17.072015-12-31 11.17.182015-12-31 11.34.202015-12-31 11.34.332015-12-31 11.36.01



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