Longshaw Estate

Sunday 27 December 2015. For a change, we had an away day to the Peak District. Numbers dwindled the nearer that we got to the date and Jacqui was the last to cry off as she had to sort out her rental apartment ready for a booking tomorrow. It was a shame for those who were unable to attend as it was a perfect start to the walk with clear blue skies. It was a little cool but the climb out of the Burbage Brook gorge soon had us shedding layers.

We left the Longshaw Estate visitor centre to headed south past a small lake and down through the woods to the footbridge across Burbage Brook. Soon after we stopped for coffee before completing the walk alongside the fast flowing stream and then crossing the road to start the walk along Burbage Edge. There were hundreds of walkers out today on what was a very popular post-Christmas route. The climb up onto Burbage Edge was entertaining with Linda taking a more unconventional route jumping from rock to rock whilst Bea, Peter and I stuck to the safer footpath some way back from the edge. We stopped for lunch sitting on the rocks and looking out to Higger Tor on the other side of the valley.

Having reached Upper Burbage Bridge, we then hopped across a couple of small streams before making the climb up to Higger Tor which, at just over 1,400ft, was the highest point on our route. We then descended towards Carl Wark. Linda went on ahead to run up and climb down the site of the Iron Age fort whilst the rest of us took a less taxing route around the side. The remainder of the route was a gentle meander back to the car.

The visitor centre on the Longshaw Estate was heaving with people enjoying a day out in the countryside and rather than queueing interminably for a cup of tea, we made the short drive into Hathersage for refreshments at the Outside store’s café. The walk was 7½ miles with a total ascent of around 1,200ft.

Peak District Walk



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