Rutland Round – Leg 7

Sunday 20 December 2015. Today was the 7th and final leg of the Rutland Round from Teigh to Oakham. It was just short of 10 miles with a little over 600ft of ascent; most of which came in the climb out of Langham to the top of Mill Hill. I/we made a couple of minor navigational errors but these added very little to the overall length of the walk.

It was a bright sunny day but we had to walk into a strong south-westerly breeze for most of the time. We stopped in Whissendine and Langham for refreshments. A distinct absence of signposts made route finding through the housing estates more difficult than it needed to have been. The footpaths were muddy and slippery in places but this didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the walk.

The whole Rutland Round is supposed to be about 65 miles but overall we walked a total of 73 miles. I know that we detoured in places and missed an odd mile or two of road walking but it seems strange that there should be such a large discrepancy between the two figures. I’d like to thank Linda for her company on the walk as without the use of her car to ferry between starts/finishes it wouldn’t have been possible to complete this walk and to tick off another long distance trail.

Rutland Round Leg 7 – Walk Route



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