Rutland Round – Leg 6

Monday 14 December 2015. Today’s walk was the 6th leg of the Rutland Round (8½ miles with only 390ft of ascent). We should have resumed in Clipsham but this would have involved 1½ miles of walking on the busy road to Stretton. This wasn’t an attractive proposition so we parked the car in Stretton and started from there instead.

The first 6 miles of this leg weren’t particularly interesting and involved crossing or walking around numerous muddy fields. We adjusted the route to walk on roads where we could but some of the fields couldn’t be avoided. We stopped for coffee after 3½ miles in Thisleton. The walk improved towards the end as we crossed more rolling countryside. Just outside of Teigh we crossed what I thought was a disused railway line. One part was now a small lake and the other just a deep cutting. After looking more closely at the map, I see that it was in fact a disused but unnamed canal.

There wasn’t a convenient stopping place on the last 5 miles of this walk so we waited for lunch until the end in Teigh. The village has a small memorial to those who survived the war. It is described as “A Thankful Village”. It is one of just 32 villages throughout the country who were fortunate not to have lost any of their men whilst fighting the wars.

Rutland Round Leg 6 – walk route

2015-12-14 12.51.412015-12-14 13.13.042015-12-14 13.13.33


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