Mossymere Woods

Back in July I was asked by the Arts Council of England if they could use one of my pictures of Mossymere Woods in a publication that they would be producing about the transfer of ownership of property and land in lieu of inheritance tax. I was flattered by the approach and gave my permission for use despite there being no financial reward. In return, I was promised a copy of the final publication which arrived in the post today. The full document can be viewed here.

I’ve produced an extract covering the section on Mossymere Woods and have added a copy of the picture in question, both of which can be viewed below. The most interesting aspect is that the wood, which was formally owned by the Mannington Estate is now owned by the National Trust; being part of the Blickling Hall estate. Helen’s Mannington Hall Bluebell Walk on 17 April 2016 will take in Mossymere Wood and hopefully the flowers will provide a similar display.

Cultural_Gifts_Scheme_and_acceptance_in_lieu_report_2015 (1)

IMG_0424 (750 x 1000)


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