Rutland Round – Leg 3

Wednesday 2 December 2015. It was a surprisingly sunny day as Linda and I set out for today’s 3rd leg of the Rutland Round. My guess that it would be a just over 9 miles proved to be a little wide of the mark as my GPS tracked it as 10½ miles with a total ascent of just under 700ft.

Picking up where we left off last time, we set off from Lyddington as the church clock struck 10 and we made our way to Seaton where, after 2½ miles we stopped for coffee. There was a fine view of the railway viaduct from the road leading towards Morcott where, at the 5 mile point, we stopped for lunch. The last part of the walk through Barrowden and Tixover back to Linda’s car in Duddington was a little longer than I had thought but was nevertheless pleasurable as we followed the course of the River Welland for a short while.

Rutland Round Leg 3 – walk route

2015-12-02 09.58.082015-12-02 09.59.022015-12-02 10.26.152015-12-02 11.00.292015-12-02 11.03.422015-12-02 12.55.282015-12-02 13.13.15IMG_26702015-12-02 09.00.37


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