Rutland Round – Leg 2

Tuesday 25 November 2015. Linda and I tackled the 2nd leg of the Rutland Round today. I thought that it would be about 11 miles but, with a planned diversion, it turned out to be 13.13 miles with just over 900ft of ascent. Picking up where we left off last time, we headed out of Belton-in-Rutland with our eventual destination being Lyddington.

Soon after leaving Belton we had to cross a footbridge over a small stream. A tree had grown at a most peculiar angle meaning that we had to duck as we crossed the bridge. After a mile and a half, we passed through the charming hamlet of Wardley before making our way through Wardley Wood. It was muddy and slippery going through here but it was nothing compared to what we encountered towards the end of the walk. After almost 2 hours walking and nearly 5 miles we stopped outside the church in Uppingham for coffee.

After another 4 miles walking we stopped for lunch at Stoke Dry church. I’m a non-believer but this walk was becoming something of a pilgrimage. Whilst we had encountered some muddy sections so far, the rest of the walk became something of an endurance test as we crossed a series of ploughed or recently seeded fields picking up vast amounts of mud making our boots seem as heavy as those of a deep-sea diver. Not wishing to gather too much more mud, we diverted away from the path of the Rutland Round adding to what was an already lengthy walk. This proved to be a rather futile exercise as we had to cross even more ploughed fields just a little later on. It was with some relief when we finally made it on to the road and into Lyddington.

Rutland Round Leg 2 – walk route



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