Ferry Meadows and the AGM

Sunday 22 November 2015. Today we combined a 5.4 mile walk with the Group’s AGM which was held in the John Horrell room at Ferry Meadows. The route of the walk was one that I’ve done many times before and on which I wouldn’t normally bother with a stop part way round. I travelled light today, no rucksack or camera so all of the pictures were taken on my new Sony Xperia Z3 phone. I’m really pleased with the results.

We set out on what was a bright chilly morning to walk through Ferry Meadows, through the A47 underpass and in to Milton Park. It was here that we encountered a recently fallen tree where it was a tight squeeze between the branches and a barbed-wire fence. We stopped just short of the crossing at the golf course for coffee. We then crossed back over the A47 on a flyover before coming back into park. A group of gypsies with about a dozen caravans had set up camp on the access road. I hope that the authorities move them on soon as they were intimidating and made their usual “mess”!

We walked alongside the River Nene for a short while before making our way back to the cars to change footwear before the AGM. The 12 walkers were joined briefly by John Buck for the AGM which, as normal, meant that I did most of the talking with a few inputs from some members. Nothing changed and we’ll soldier on for another year with the handful of volunteer committee members and walks leaders.

Ferry Meadows – walk route

2015-11-22 09.36.072015-11-22 10.29.102015-11-22 10.39.282015-11-22 10.49.252015-11-22 10.51.512015-11-22 10.57.042015-11-22 11.35.31


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